Sam Son

Considered one of the most precursor and innovative emerging artists, SamSon explores the meaning of words.
SamSon’s work is bitting and often witty in its re-interpretation of words. SamSon’s pieces are meticulously built and his original artworks are exquisite. Visually stunning and powerful, SanSon’s art has become synonymous with the “ILLUMINART” movement. Although most of his works are claimants, some of them contain messages of hope, tinged with humor or derision.
Art can be an effective way of conveying powerful messages. SamSon loves to provoke, shock even to disturb society and that is why his work is so important. SamSon consider that we can learn from the meaning of art about society, morality, and life in general SamSon has enjoyed a monumental rise in the art world with a number of high profile and celebrity collectors.
SamSon, 24 years old, work and live between Paris and Tel Aviv.

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