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This Week’s Highlighted Artworks at Galerie Jacob Paulett

Welcome to our exclusive weekly feature, where we shine a spotlight on the exceptional talents represented by Galerie Jacob Paulett.

This week, our gallery owner has carefully selected ten standout pieces from our extensive portfolio.

Each artwork not only showcases the artist’s unique vision but also embodies the gallery’s commitment to presenting works that resonate with depth, beauty, and innovation.

Discover the enchantment of this week’s selections:

“SATOMI.N’S SYMPHONY OF SURVIVAL: FRAGILE FORTITUDE” by Hiro Ando, part of the “Silent Steel Symphony: The Saga of School Girls in Battle” series, showcases a striking stainless steel sculpture that embodies resilience and vulnerability. Created in 2015 in a limited edition of 8, this polished piece measures 63 × 55 1/10 × 23 3/5 inches (160 × 140 × 60 cm), presenting a compelling fusion of contemporary aesthetics with themes of strength and delicacy.

“PINK TUBES: COTTON CANDY AND EPHEMERAL LOLITA SPECTRUM” by Saori Nakamishi, from the “Ephemeral Innocence: Neo-Pop Visions of Lolita” series, is a vibrant oil on canvas that captures the fleeting essence of youth and fantasy. Created in 2009 as a unique piece, this artwork measures 70 9/10 × 51 1/5 inches (180 × 130 cm), and features the artist’s signature and studio stamp on the reverse. Nakamishi’s use of bold colors and imaginative themes invites viewers into a whimsical world of neo-pop enchantment.

« 504170 » by Yoshihiro Fujita, de la série « Rhythms of the Retina : Manga Perspectives », est une huile sur toile captivante qui mélange harmonieusement l’essence vivante et dynamique du manga avec une expression artistique sophistiquée. Créée en 2008 en tant qu’œuvre unique, sa composition audacieuse et son utilisation saisissante des couleurs offrent une vision nouvelle et innovante de l’influence de la culture manga sur l’art contemporain, invitant les spectateurs dans un voyage narratif visuellement époustouflant.

“OTOHIME’S: PRINCESS OF THE DEEP” by Jimmy Yoshimura, from the “Kokeshi Fusion: Jimmy Yoshimura’s Pop Art Showcase” series, is a polished and plated stainless steel sculpture that merges traditional Japanese motifs with contemporary pop art. This 2022 creation, limited to 8 editions, stands at 31 1/2 × 19 7/10 × 19 7/10 inches (80 × 50 × 50 cm). Each sculpture is uniquely signed by Yoshimura, with the edition number and date carved under its base, offering a modern yet timeless homage to the enduring allure of kokeshi dolls and pop culture

‘TO SHINJUKU: URBAN SOJOURN'” by Ryoko Watanabe, part of the “Serenity Amidst Shadows: Geishas in the Monochromatic Urban Ensemble” series, is an oil on canvas that uniquely captures the juxtaposition of traditional Japanese culture against the backdrop of modern urban life. Created in 2011 as a unique piece, it measures 70 9/10 × 42 1/2 inches (180 × 108 cm). The artwork is signed by Watanabe on the reverse and bears the studio’s logo, symbolizing a harmonious blend of serenity and the dynamic pulse of Shinjuku.

“SAMURAICAT PROWESS: LUMINOUS BLADE SKETCH” by Hiro ANDO from the “Feline Sketches Chronicles: Luminous Legends” series, is an innovative blend of acrylic plexiglass and LED lighting, capturing the spirited essence of a samurai cat in battle. Created in January 2021 and limited to 8 editions, this piece measures 31 1/2 × 23 3/5 × 4/5 inches (80 × 60 × 2 cm). Each artwork is meticulously detailed, featuring the artist’s name, edition number, and creation date on a metal label at the base, presenting a modern, illuminated take on the traditional valor and agility of the samurai spirit.

MIYU4: Kawaii Pink Whimsy and Reverie by Aya TOSHIKAWA ” from the “Sensual Kawaii: Doll Temptation Series” is a captivating oil on canvas, imbued with the playful and enchanting essence of kawaii culture. Dated 2011 and sized at 45 7/10 × 43 3/10 inches (116 × 110 cm), this unique piece is signed by the artist on the front and bears the studio’s stamp on the back, offering a vivid exploration of whimsy and dream-like reverie through its vibrant pink palette.

“KAWAI2: Kawaii Konvergence, Tokyo’s Dual Delights,”  by jimmy YOSHIMURA from the series “The Modern Ukiyo-e: Tokyo Tales in Manga Color,” is a 2009 oil on canvas that captures the vibrant, contrasting energies of Tokyo. Measuring 86 3/5 × 63 inches (220 × 160 cm), this unique artwork is signed by the artist on the back and stamped with the studio’s logo, offering a vivid depiction of the city’s dynamic blend of tradition and pop culture.

“Kawaii Kanji Whispers Purple,” by Ioam YUMAKO  a unique 2011 piece from the “Manga Mosaic: Kawaii Characters in Kanji Harmony” series, is an oil on canvas that elegantly marries the whimsical charm of kawaii characters with the profound beauty of kanji. At 54 3/10 × 51 1/5 inches (138 × 130 cm), this artwork, signed and dated by the artist with the studio’s logo stamped on the back, weaves together vibrant purples to create a harmonious visual symphony that speaks to the heart of manga and traditional Japanese calligraphy.

“Neon Capital,” by Kumikaho OSHIMA a standout work from June 2020 within the “Dollar Dreams in Neon Barbie World” series, fuses mixed media with the glow of LED lights, encapsulated in plexiglass with a protective cap. Measuring 15 7/10 × 15 7/10 × 11 inches (40 × 40 × 28 cm), this unique edition piece is meticulously dated, numbered, and signed on a metal label affixed to the protective cap, showcasing a vibrant exploration of consumer culture through a neon-drenched, dreamlike lens.

This curated collection is a reflection of Galerie Jacob Paulett’s dedication to presenting art that moves, challenges, and inspires.

Each piece has been selected for its ability to communicate profound messages and evoke strong emotions.

We invite you to experience these remarkable works in person and join us in celebrating the creative spirit that drives us all.

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